Thursday, June 4, 2015

I wanna build a fish tank

       My best friend/ roommate for college wanted a fish. I was a against it. As she kept begging, I gave in. I needed to pick my battles, and the room color was becoming an ordeal. So the fish tank became my bartering chip. Here is my inspiration:

     It is from Pinterest, where every teenage girl gets her ideas. I being very unorganized spent 2 hours at Wal-Mart and J&K looking at fish and rocks, fun I know. Once I found my general supplies, the building begins. I started with a jar
     It was a resealable cookie jar. Next I bought lace burlap and red chevron ribbon (my friends favorite color). Also I removed the metal hardware, I wanted to put it back, but it didn't fit. Next I cleaned the rocks, that resembles river pebbles. I also added water and a stress coat and let it sit.
     Lastly I dragged my little brother to the pet store to pick a fish. I switched between a black and black speckled molly, an angel fish, or a Beta. I ultimately picked the Beta. It was a gorgeous blue crown tail. Also I bought a moss ball because it eats allege, or at least I read, and this fish will probably ended up in our dorm. I also picked up a fake plant to just fill up some space in the jar. 
     The water is blue from the beta water prep thing. The end product is this cute jar the comfortable houses the new. yet to be named, Beta. My friend loved it and is show casing it tomorrow at her open house.

I wannabe employed

Before Summer to do list:
Finish Yearbook
Get a Summer Job

            One of the following things on that list is done. I'll give you a hint, it is the last one. I am officially a college student. Eyes full of wonder and excitement. The world at my finger tips, or at least that is what I am told. It is currently June 3rd and I will be leaving shortly for a job interview. I should have had a job lined up weeks ago, but after quitting/ getting fired from my summer job (I'll cover that train wreck later), I was sent back to job hunting. Being an 18 year old  who hasn't had to work a day in her life has its challenges. McDonald's is hiring, but the idea of fast food makes me sick and factories only hire employee's families. Lastly, all remaining jobs are filled.
      It doesn't help that I like to let things fall into place. I am not meant to job hunt, but I am learning. Countless hours networking has landed me 3 part time jobs, a morning concession stand worker, a drive-in movie theater employee (depending on today's interview), and a July nanny.Not bad jobs for spending my first week and a half of summer on the phone talking to close friends, old friends, pretty much anyone who would hire me. I was practically begging.
         So here I am, I have a weekend job work concessions and way too much free time. I don't do well with boredom. I work out and spend time running around town just trying to make use of the day. This is how I got here. Sitting at my desk on my laptop poorly writing about my job struggles. Welcome to my life full of old wants, new wants, and the oddities of being an 18 year old about to go off to college.